The World Of Tea

Tea has a long history behind it, having being drunk from as far back as 1000BC. We don’t know how or when it was discovered that dried leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant could be put into boiling water, to create one of life’s great pleasures…

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Tea & Health

Is there a lot of caffeine in tea?

On average, a cup of normal black tea has about half the caffeine of a cup of coffee. It does of course depend on how strong you make it! Most health organizations say that ‘moderate caffeine consumption’ for adults is about 300mg a day. That is roughly about six cups of tea. All teas contain caffeine – including Green, White, Puerh & Oolong – however these teas generally contain less caffeine than normal black tea…

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Campbells Tea

The J&G Campbell company was established in Dublin in 1797. It is now a part of Robert Roberts. The yellow tin has remained the same through the years. It evokes a lot of memories – “tea with Granny” or being used to store household treasures through the years. The taste is still unique today. It is is a robust blend of full flavoured loose East African teas that deliver a satisfying cup of tea. It`s great taste was acknowledged by successive awards of coveted two star prizes from the Great Taste Award Judging committee.



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