Robert Roberts today is the legacy of two great Irish families – the Goodbodys and the Wardells.

Robert Roberts in Ireland was established by E. Gaynor Goodbody. Although, E. Gaynor was born in England, his family were Quakers from Tullamore. At a young age, he was apprenticed to Robert Roberts, the Quaker cafe and restaurant owners in Liverpool. His talent & work ethic marked him out and because of his Irish connections, he was sent back Dublin to start a business in Ireland.

Under E Gaynor’s stewardship, Robert Roberts in Ireland prospered. Unfortunately, the same could not be said of Robert Roberts in the UK. They were heavily dependent on the White Star Line​ for custom and of course the Titanic disaster ended this relationship. It’s horses, which were core to it’s delivery business, were requisitioned by the British Army in 1914 with the promise they would be back for Christmas! The company fell on hard times and was wound up in 1916.