For those of you who are a little wary of cafetières and feel that coffee always tastes better when someone else makes it, our master blender Garath has come up with the ’ Idiots Guide to Great Coffee’:

  1. You’ve got to start with the right basics – a coffee plunger or cafetière would be a good, low cost investment. We recommend fresh ground Robert Roberts coffee, as freshness & flavour are what it’s all about. One word of caution – most filter jugs or cafetières measure according to the number of cups desired (maybe it’s a French thing!). However, in Ireland, we like a good mug of coffee. So, as a general rule, if it says 8 cups on your cafetière or jug – that’s approximately 4 mugs!
  2. Boil your kettle and then wait a minute (boiling water kills the aroma of your fresh coffee and can make it taste bitter). Rinse the cafetière with a little boiled water to warm it.
  3. Use one heaped dessert spoonful of fresh ground coffee per mug. If you like your coffee strong, throw in one extra ‘for the pot’. Pour in the required amount of water and put on the lid (making sure it is un-plunged of course).
  4. Let the coffee brew for about the same time it takes a pint of Guinness to settle. Think of the ad – hum the song and do the dance…
  5. Plunge the coffee and pour. Drink it black, or add whatever amount of milk or sugar that rocks your boat…

By the way, if this is all too much hassle, why not try Coffee Express fresh coffee? No machines needed!