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Problem: Machine over brews and coffee spills out

  1. Empty the urn fully, attempt another brew without using coffee or a filter. Can occur if the urn is not fully emptied before starting a new full brew.

Problem: Fault highlighted on screen

  1. BAS means there is a fault on the basket magnet, use other basket where possible and call service department to order a replacement.

Problem: Machine not grinding

  1. Close off hoppers by pushing silver levers under hoppers in towards the centre of the machine. Then, take hopper out and clear out bean area. Replace hoppers and slide levers back out to each side of the machine.

Problem: Machine will not dispense hot water

  1. Switch the machine onto standby using the centre button on the screen.
  2. Plug out the machine for 30 seconds, then switch it back on

Problem: Milk Levels Off

  1. Check if the milk pipes are in the pinch valve correctly – blue pipe to the back and white pipe to the front. (The pinch valve is located behind the silver plate just left of the coffee nozzle.

Problem: No milk coming through

  1. Check milk pipe has no blockages or kinks in it.
  2. Take nozzle out of machine and rinse.

Problem: No Coffee coming through

  1. Clean out the brewer spring loaded shoot (Located inside centre of machine,when drawer is taken out).

Problem: The on switch on the grinder is lite but nothing is happening.

  1. Switch off the machine and plug out for 10 minutes. The grinder could be over heated and needs to cool down. This can occur if it is left running without beans for any amount of time.

Problem: No power

  1. Check that the power into the socket is working.
  2. Check that the appropriate fuse is being used in the plug (needs to be 13amp).

Problem: No water coming through machine.

  1. Check washing machine valve (blue lever) is on. On is when the blue lever is in line with the valve. Off is when the blue lever is 90oc to the valve.
  2. Check under or behind machine to make sure there are no kinks or bends in the white hose feeding the machine.

Problem: Machine not heating

  1. For machines with steam arms (All traditional machines and semi automatic machines). Open the steam arms fully for at least 10 minutes with the machine turned on full power to eliminate any possible air locks. If steam arms start producing steam, close the steam arm and wait for 5 minutes before serving coffees.
  2. Check that the mains water valve has not been turned off.

Problem: Not Grinding Beans

  1. Make sure your slider (at the bottom of the hopper) is pulled out.