Bean to cup machines offer a great standard of coffee to consumers however they are a significant investment and so should be chosen carefully.


Matching the forecasted number of cups sold to the machine specification is essential to ensure optimum performance & reliability.

Coffee Quality

To produce the best quality for a variety of coffees the machine must include a 2 grinder option. This allows you have a different grind for specialty drinks and black coffee drinks.


For effective brewing the machine must be capable of the following parameters To ensure a consistently high standard of coffee you should be able to vary all of the following : temperature control, brewer capacity, pre-fusion, tamping control and water delivery. All of this come as standard with out Bean2Cup range.

Coffee Expertise

Inconsistent quality or a breakdown can have a huge effect on revenue. We believe in providing an excellent service so all of our service engineers are experts on both the machine and on the science of coffee.