choc o lait


Choc-o-Lait is a luxurious chocolate stick filled with authentic Belgian chocolate. The unique thing about this treat is that it’s all up to you. Stir the chocolate stick in a cup of hot milk and in barely one minute you will get a delicious hot chocolate. The traditional production process guarantees extra pleasure. Treat yourself to a moment of pure delight. You will soon be enchanted by the pure taste of Belgian chocolate…

Sweetbird syrups


Sweetbird is all about big, rich, delicious flavours – you’ll find no artificial colours, high fructose corn syrup or GMOs in the range. Plus, Sweetbird is the only range in the world that has been approved for vegetarians by the Vegetarian Society and for vegan diets by Europe’s largest vegan group Viva!

Visit the Sweetbird website for full details of the entire range.


Lemons Snack Pack Biscuits

An assortment of Ireland’s favourite biscuits: (1 x 3 x 100) Ginger Nuts Custard Creams Bourbon Creams Fruit Shorties Rich Highland Shorties Digestives